Ashby Associates are experienced internal auditors for arts and cultural organisations.

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Internal Audit for the Arts

Ashby Associates provides flexible internal audit and consultancy services tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Providing the Following Services ...

One-Off Internal Audit Assignments

Undertaking one-off internal audit assignments to review specific processes or areas of the organisation. Suitable if the management or trustees have specific areas of concern which would benefit from independent review.

Complete Outsourced Internal Audit Function

Providing a complete outsourced internal audit function. This would involve designing an audit programme for the organisation, undertaking individual audits and reporting findings and progress on audit actions to trustees and management.

Set Up of an Internal Audit Function

Advising on the set up of an internal audit function and / or how to best instigate internal audit work at an organisation.

Reviewing Existing Audit Functions

Reviewing the quality of your existing audit function (external quality review) and advising on improvements.

Internal Audit in Arts Organisations

Internal audit in the arts requires a special approach – taking account of the creative drive of the organisation and many demands on both human and financial resources. Claire Ashby has successfully implemented and delivered internal audit in some of the UK’s leading arts organisations and has the skills to do so with both the tact and insight required.

In recent years many arts organisations have initiated internal audit activity within their organisations and have realised the many benefits that this brings. These benefits are often wide ranging from the traditional audit areas of improved financial controls and less susceptibility to fraud, to enhanced data security, improved monitoring of major contracts and general enhanced awareness of risks and controls.

Ashby Associates Specialise In ...

The areas for internal audit and management consultancy vary depending on the needs of individual clients and their risk profile.
Topics Ashby Associates frequently review include:

  • Financial controls and fraud prevention.
  • Fundraising activities especially in light of the new Code of Fundraising Practice.
  • Governance reviews in light of the new Charity Governance Code.
  • Data Protection and GDPR preparation review with a focus on audience databases, membership schemes and donor databases.
  • IT and Cybersecurity
  • Box Office and ticketing processes
  • Outsourced contracts for areas such as security, cleaning or catering
  • Board Effectiveness reviews.
  • Managing the risks of a flexible workforce and use of freelance staff
  • Keeping the show on the road through audits of financial and project management of artistic productions.

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